Social Media Content Design Membership & Coaching

1. Social Media Content Creation Membership

Are you having a difficult time creating content? Not sure what to say or what to post or when to post? We would love to meet 1-on-1 to assist you and train your team with creating engaging content and teach you how to post/schedule your content for optimal results!

*Our services include graphic design and creative direction/planning. This plan does not include social media management. The client is responsible for posting & engagement.

Our Social Media Content Creation Service includes:

(1) Researching your industry via social media & identifying current trending topics to ensure content is relevant. (2) Meeting with you over virtual coffee to actively brainstorm ideas/ create effective strategies/plans (3) We'll collectively create/design engaging, attractive content (graphics, captions, hashtags, etc.) that your audience will love, value, & engage with based on your monthly business goals/plans (4) We'll provide feedback, creative direction, and a social media plan that you and your team start implementing today. (5) We can schedule your content during the optional time & provide lite engagement with your audience.

*We also offer A la' carte content services.


$350+ per additional platform


We also offer...

We totally understand that it's hard trying to do it all! You have tons of business ideas and that there's just not enough time to implement it all. In 2021, Social Media Marketing is an area of business that you cannot afford to overlook. We've made it our priority to support our fellow entrepreneurs by consistently creating content that speaks to their audience. Social Media gives you the power to stay in touch, keep your clients & potential clients informed & educated, and also to increase your sales! We've included some of our frequently requested services below. Please take a look and select the option that works best for your biz!

2. 1-on-1 Consulting

Designed for Business Owners that would like to meet virtually for 30 or 90-minutes to discuss any social media-related topics. You'll walk away with an Action Plan that you can begin implementing into your business.


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3. Social Media Monthly Training

Designed for Business Owners who like to enhance their Social Media Management skills through hands-on education. Our overall goal is to set your business up for social media success!

We're here to support you through the entire process of Social Media Management helping you gain a full understanding of what's required to effectively market your business online.

Content Marketing & Planning Curriculum include (not limited to): Brainstorming, Social Media Audit (review current Social Media Status & areas for opportunities), Brand Strategy & Planning, Access to resources for your Social Media Management, Planning you Social Media Calendar, Goal setting, & Training * 3-month commitment & Payment Plans Available


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4. 1-on-1 Business Coaching

Designed for Business Owners who like to ensure that their business is in order.

We'll provide ongoing support & accountability for your business. We will walk you through the process of ensuring that your business is set up properly and that you have all the necessary tools to succeed.

Business Coaching & Guidance includes (not limited to): Walk-through of business structure set-up, business bank account, EIN, business credit, social media /marketing tips, and so much more.


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We work with...

Business owners that:

  • Have an open mind.
  • Are great communicators that openly share their thoughts, wants, and needs.
  • Trust our expertise and are willing to implement our suggestions
  • Enjoy working in teams and are willing to compromise when needed.
  • Are data-driven, therefore we are eager to present facts to back up our ideas/suggestions.
  • Work collaboratively to ensure we're producing results based on their ideas.

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Our team is here for you. We're excited to start brainstorming ideas for your social media. Schedule your initial consultation to chat with a creation expert, inspire ideas, and learn how our process works.