Social Media

Management & Content Creation

for creative entrepreneurs

& corporate professionals

It's time to delegate the tasks you love to hate to the professionals! Pretty Prosperity!

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A Social Media Dream Come True

Pretty Prosperity is a Chicago-based social media marketing agency built just for busy business owners. Our customized plans are designed to educate, entertain, & inspire potential & existing clients to truly know, trust, and fall in love with your brand.

We've Worked With

Local Market Foods Grocery Store

How We Help You Shine

  • Create a Customized Marketing & Social Media Strategy

We meet with you to discuss your business goals & upcoming promotions

OR provide us with content you already have (blogs, webinars, etc.)

  • Build a Creative Campaign that Speaks To Your Audience

We'll brainstorm and design some creative ways to simplify your message & highlight what truly matters to your audience

  • Provide Creative Direction for Your Content Creation

We'll organize your content into a content calendar & provide you with a plan of action for content creation. We'll design content tailored to your brand

  • Build Impactful Relationships & Partnerships

We'll build relationships & connections online on your behalf

  • Track the Results for Maximum Impact

Consistently analyze your social media campaign results

We Know That You're Busy!

We'll do the work

Imagine having a team on your side that could do most of the work for you.

A team that was able to turn one conversation into 3 months of content ideas & do all of the marketing for you.

To take it a step further, build a full-blow marketing strategy that includes email marketing, and traditional marketing (radio, tv, news, etc.) all customized to your personality

We'll connect with people within your target audience and build relationships that last and convert into meaningful business!

Our Services

Social Media Management

Let's talk about your vision, branding, messaging, and goals for your social media! We will not only create captivating graphics and compelling captions but also help in video and picture editing for your short-form content. Our services go beyond the creative aspect by developing the perfect strategy and fostering engagement.


Marketing Strategies

Let's team up to turn your business goals into powerful marketing strategies that will take your brand to the next level. We'll dive deep into your target audience, analyze industry trends, and use powerful analytics to produce remarkable results. By the end, we'll set you up with all the tools, resources, and connections you need to grow and succeed.

Social Media

Content Creation

We're all about making sure your audience feels the full experience of your brand. So, our team will arrange to capture visuals that showcase how awesome your product or service truly is. This content will be so good because it will build of the foundation of your brand! We partner with expert photographers and videographers to get the job done at your location.

Business Consulting

& Coaching

You're starting a business or you're already in business and looking to grow? Let's connect and dive deep into a full range of suggestions, provide you with access to the tools and resources you need, and introduce you to key connections to take you to the next level. We'll be your biggest cheerleader, guiding you all the way as you expand your reach and amplify your impact.

Let's Get To Work!

Let's hop on a quick, free call and talk about any

questions or ideas that you have.

Quick Chat

A Little More Details

Select any of the services to grow your business online:

  • Complimentary Office Hours (15-Minutes) This is a complimentary, quick conversation where you can ask any questions about the services that we offer.
  • Consultation/Business Coaching (90-Minutes) We will dive deep into your brand and business goals and determine the perfect strategy to position you as the go-to product/service in your industry!

  • Social Media Management For companies that want to hire a team to work on their behalf. Together we will build a result-driven social media strategy designed to help you reach your business goals. This includes Full-Service: Research, Social Listening, Strategy, Copywriting, Community Management, graphic design, analytics/reporting, etc.
  • Social Media Content / Marketing Plan (For Small Brands/Events) (Includes 60-Minute Consultation, Online Brand Audit, Review Your Analytics, 30-Day Content Plan/Calendar)
  • Content Capture Day & Schedule (For Small Brands/Events) (Includes set-up time, 60-Minute Consultation, Online Brand Audit, 30-Day Content Plan/Calendar, Editing Reels, & Capture Content In-Person at your Location or ours (Scheduling Content, + Travel Cost Are Additional Costs)or raw content session where we'll deliver raw footage to your team to utilize.
  • Social Media Audit Review your social media channel and provide feedback/ step-by-step suggestions.

*Pricing varies based on your business needs and budget.