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Our Founder, Nia Simone Epps is now a member of the Forbes BLK community.

The mission of ForbesBLK is to champion a global community of Black entrepreneurs, professionals, leaders and creators that are driving systematic change in business, culture and society. Our community of exceptional leaders of color are breaking down barriers, creating more equitable economies, and driving a new culture of connection, collaboration and change. In order to support our community, ForbesBLK shares inspiring content and curates in-person and digitally based networking opportunities to foster professional development, entrepreneurship, and cultural change. *Source: ForbesBLK

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The State of Funding

Entrepreneurs and small businesses, particularly women-owned and minority brands, often face the challenge of insufficient funding. To address this issue, our social media and marketing business, Pretty Prosperity, LLC., has taken the initiative to compile a comprehensive resource list of grants for our clients to apply for. This highly sought-after resource is continuously updated as we come across new grants. 

Our team has carefully curated and selected grant applications from a variety of trusted vendors. Pretty Prosperity LLC. is not associated with the grants. We strongly suggest that you conduct research and apply at your own risk.



The Illinois B2B NewBiz Grant Program  - Apply Here

The State of Illinois has launched the Illinois Back to Business New Business Grant Program (B2B NewBiz), a grant program that will provide financial relief to businesses in the industries most impacted by the pandemic. The state has allocated $25 million in grant funding. Applications for eligible for-profit businesses and nonprofit organizations are open from November 30 through January 11, 2024. 

Amazon Black Business Accelerator - Apply Here

Amazon's Black Business Accelerator (BBA) is dedicated to helping build sustainable growth for Black-owned businesses by providing strategic business education and coaching, and marketing and advertising support to help Black-owned businesses grow their businesses and maximize the opportunities of selling in Amazon’s store. Ongoing.

Verizon Small Business Digital Ready - Apply Here

Starting October 12, until December 20, 2023, small businesses can unlock the application for this round of grant funding by first registering on the Verizon Small Business Digital Ready portal and completing at least two of the following, in any combination: courses, coaching or community events. Small businesses that complete the application will be eligible for consideration to receive a $10,000 grant.

HerRise MicroGrant Application - Apply Here

The HerRise MicroGrants, offering $1,000 each, are open to women of color entrepreneurs across diverse fields. Every month their committee selects a winner from submitted applications. Your business must be: 51% owned by women of color, currently registered in the US and earn less than $1 million in gross revenue.

The Sephora Beauty Grant - Apply Here

Sephora Beauty Grant - Sephora Beauty Grant will awarding one Black business owner within the beauty industry a $100,000 grant to unlock the next level of growth and potential for their brand. Apply by 12/18/2023 

BMO Fellowship (Watson Institute)- Apply Here

 This fellowship is a fully funded 16-week intensive virtual fellowship designed for sustainability entrepreneurs who are driving solutions to their communities’ most significant environmental and sustainability challenges. While BMO is located across North America, this fellowship will focus on the U.S. mid-west region. Preference will be given to applicants from Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Minnesota. Funding up to $10,000. Apply by 1/31/2024

Bank of America - Down Payment Grant Program - Apply Here

Dedicated to women and minority-owned businesses, this non-repayable grant is for up to $25,000 on SBA owner occupied commercial real estate loans for business locations within select areas. This special program applies to qualifying business owners in the following areas: Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles.

Restaurant Grant Opportunties

Restaurant Business Development Program (funded by Feed The Soul) - Apply Here

Applicant must be a "Culinary Business". A Culinary Business is defined as; Restaurant, Food Truck, Bakery, Bar/Lounge, Pop-up Food Stand, or Ghost/Cloud Kitchen. Culinary Business must be at least 51% owned by a person (or persons) who identify as marginalized. Grants for $10,000. Apply by 1/31/2024

Restaurant Disaster Relief Fund (DoorDash and HelloAlice) - Apply Here

Grants to restaurants who are experiencing hardship due to a state or federally declared disaster (NOT due to COVID), be independently owned, have a brick-and-mortar location with 3 stores or fewer currently operating, have revenues of less than $3 million per location in the last 12 months, and employ 50 or fewer people per store. Funding of $10,000. Apply by 12/31/2023


Do Grants have to be repaid?

In most cases, you do not have to pay back grants. Would strongly suggest that you double check when applying for any grants.

What about grants for daycares, janitorial business, etc.?

There is a wide range of grants available for businesses of various types. If you are running a day care, we recommend conducting research on grants specifically tailored for this field in your local area. For more detailed information, we highly encourage you to reach out to your local chamber of commerce. They can provide valuable insights and guidance in this matter.

I feel so overwhelmed not know my next step?

Take a look at each grant to review the requirements. The applications are pretty short. Hit us up if you have any questions about the grants or any marketing queries.

What your personal credit score have to be?

The grants that we provide for strictly for businesses. Majority of them do not use your personal credit. We would suggest reviewing the requirements before applying. Please let us know if you have any questions.

I need some one on one advice, I don’t no what kind of business to start?

I invite you to schedule a strategy session with us. I am excited to support your vision and address any questions you may have. For more information, please visit our website at .